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Study with Tomina

With 16 years of experience teaching students of all ages and levels,
Tomina offers one-on-one private harp lessons to students in the
greater New York area, as well as globally online. 
Her approach is flexible and creative, individually tailored to each student's needs. 
Tomina has served as Adjunct faculty at The Boston Conservatory and a Harp Teaching Assistant for Undergraduate Minor Students at Boston University.
She has also been invited to teach courses and harp masterclasses worldwide.
Teaching Philosophy:

An effective teacher should be able to help a student unlock their potential. To that end, I set the expectations at a high level, even beyond what the students may think they can achieve at first. Although the achievement is important, it is on the journey that students will have the valuable experience of learning about themselves. I equip students with all the knowledge I have to help them master the harp. My ultimate goal is to take the student to the point where they no longer need me. It is important to provide the student with a safe and enthusiastic environment. To cheer for the student and acknowledge their achievement no matter where they are in the process. When it comes to the technical aspect of studying the harp, my method of teaching is systematic as I try to create a habit of focused and consistent practice. My approach is grounded in fundamentals in order to build a foundation for good technique. However, studying the art of music goes beyond just the notes. My goal is for the students to become well rounded with an understanding of music history and theory so that they can grasp the context of a piece. I also try to dig out their individuality by encouraging freedom of thought and expression.


Throughout my career as a harpist, I have been exposed to many styles and genres, including traditional to contemporary classical, musical theater, world music, jazz, pop, and experimental. This has allowed me to mentor students with multiple musical interest and talents. In the music world today, being adaptive and flexible are the keys to a successful career. I want to help my students strengthen their skills in various styles which would expand their professional opportunities for the harp. Besides preparing students in their careers, there is nothing more gratifying than to see them develop as artists. This could be through a moving performance or an “Aha” moment of inspiration. Just as my teachers had an incredible impact on my life, I wish to do the same for my students by forming strong bonds and inspiring them.

What Students Say:
"Tomina is a FANTASTIC harp teacher and I am so happy to be studying with her! In just a few short weeks of beginning lessons with her (I started back in April of this year) my technique has improved immensely thanks to her guidance, and musical passages/techniques that I once found extremely difficult I can now perform with ease. Highly recommended!"
Mary Bichner
"Tomina is a talented, skilled teacher, who really understands basic learning theory. She is excellent at breaking learning down into small chunks, correcting weak areas, and going after all areas of learning an instrument. She loves music and relates very well to people (warm, caring, good sense of humor). I highly recommend her as a teacher."
Karyn Slutsky
"Tomina is a talented harpist and an excellent teacher. I’ve been studying harp with her for several years. She is very methodical in her approach towards teaching and knows exactly how to breakdown the concepts for a student. She is also extremely patient, always encouraging, and accommodating to the busy schedules of an adult student. I enjoyed every lesson with Tomina, from the first lesson on sitting and hand positions and how to pluck the strings on a lever harp, to practicing techniques and exploring much more sophisticated pieces on a concert grand a few years later. Learning harp is a lifelong endeavor, and I am so glad that I started the journey with Tomina!"
Zhuojuan Zhang
"Tomina taught me how to play the harp properly with correct positioning of hands; I will forever be grateful for that. She's the real deal if you're looking for a professional teacher with lots of experience."
Sara Weisshaus
"Tomina is an excellent harp teacher. She is flexible in terms of teaching pieces that are catered to the musical interests of the student, but at the same time puts a strong emphasis on classical technique and sound production. Her lessons are always tailored to suit the student, and I highly recommend her to anyone serious about learning the harp!
Sally Ling
"Tomina has been teaching my daughter for five years now, and we've so appreciated her. She is able to both nurture a love for playing and push my daughter to stretch and challenge herself. Her own skill and professionalism is top-notch, and we've been so blessed to have her guidance for all these years.."
Kirsten Cruzen
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